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Dynamic website designing requires through knowledge, creativity and our professionals are the master and mentor at their own website design and development field, who can design and develop dynamic website using different scripting language, preferably .net/Mssql , php/mysql and make your website good looking, traffic retaining, easy to navigate and flawless.

We at Tapsoft also ensure creativity in every design and development. We not only build a dynamic website for large corporate even we design for a small scale business unit, Tapsoft focuses on all the important and relevant features, like developing, design, selection of graphic, images, content and logo which would help you in achieving the online presence. This would further help in delivering exact requirement of dynamic web design solutions to your business needs.

A server-side dynamic web page is a web page whose construction is controlled by an application server processing server-side scripts. In server-side scripting, parameters determine how the assembly of every new web page proceeds, including the setting up of more client-side processing.

E-commerce marketing is all about enticing web surfers to your site and, once there, to entice them into becoming a customer. While overall similar to marketing a physical business, e-commerce marketing has some unique ingredients. For instance, marketing a physical store requires substantial enticement to move a customer to take the effort to physically come by your store location. It also means that the customer has an “investment” in the visit. They have expended time, energy and money to get to the location.

World Wide Web has transformed the world into a tiny village and e-commerce has turned it into a small market. Yes, in e-commerce the people of the whole world are your potential clients. You can sell your products/services to anyone in the country sitting at your office. We are equipped with a team of IT professionals to develop e-commerce web sites for you. You will be able to sell your product or services online through the e-commerce site designed by us. Support and training will also be provided to you by our experts.

One of the most common types of dynamic web pages is the database driven type. This means that you have a web page that grabs information from a database (the web page is connected to the database by programming,) and inserts that information into the web page each time it is loaded.

If the information stored in the database changes, the web page connected to the database will also change accordingly (and automatically,) without human intervention. Database driven sites can be built using several competing technologies, each with it’s own advantages. Some of those technologies/tools include:

  • PHP
  • JSP
  • ASP
  • PERL
  • Cold Fusion

PHP is now the primary platform for web applications, even though the PHP language is a lot younger than the other competitors. What gives it that special edge is the ease of use and friendliness of the language - it's simple to understand and creating websites with it is quite easy. Today, it's a base for almost all of the popular free scripts used for blogs, forums and e-commerce solutions, and in a recent statistic research it was determined that all popular blogs run on a PHP designed system.

Database interactions

One of the great advantages of PHP is the ability to interact with databases. Its latest releases have the ability to interact with almost every database software used. The most popular combination is PHP with MySQL as the database software.

Platform independence

Another advantage of having your website in PHP is that PHP is a software independent language and applications written in PHP can be used on any software platform. At the moment of the release of PHP 5, PHP was already available for systems running Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Sun's Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD, Novell Netware, SGI IRIX, IBM AS/400, OS/2, RISC OS.

AJAX ( Asynchronous Javascript and XML ) is a group of interrelated web development techniques used on the client-side to create interactive web applications or rich Internet applications.

With AJAX, web applications can retrieve data from the server asynchronously in the background without interfering with the display and behaviour of the existing page. The use of AJAX has led to an increase in interactive or dynamic interfaces on web pages and better quality of Web services due to the asynchronous mode.

As one of the pioneers in the development of mootools ( ajax framework ) based systems in conjunction with PHP | mySQL, we are developing unmatched web applications.

An Active Server Page, commonly called an "ASP page," is a webpage that may contain scripts as well as standard HTML. The scripts are processed by an ASP interpreter on the web server each time the page is accessed by a visitor. Since the content of an ASP page can be generated on-the-fly, ASP pages are commonly used for creating dynamic websites.

ASP is similar to other scripting platforms, like PHP and JSP, but supports multiple programming languages. While the default ASP language is VBScript, ASP pages can include other programming languages as well, such as C# and JavaScript.

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a technology that helps software developers create dynamically generated web pages based on HTML, XML, or other document types. Released in 1999 by Sun Microsystems,[1] JSP is similar to PHP, but it uses the Java programming language.

To deploy and run JavaServer Pages, a compatible web server with a servlet container, such as Apache Tomcat or Jetty, is required.

JSP can be used independently or as the view component of a server-side model–view–controller design, normally with JavaBeans as the model and Java servlets (or a framework such as Apache Struts) as the controller.